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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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ore but i may have this slide is really trying to express visually kind of what is happened in the past related to the expansions and recreations we can draw our conclusion since 19 hundred you know the long time economic expansion was one hundred and 20 months during the clinton administration of administration in the 90s and today, we're anothers 69 months we're well into the economic recovery it seems possible certainly within the next 5 years the economy will change significantly how it is performing today so the controller's office the budget analyst and our office really
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looked at what might happen if we experienced a recession like the last two recessions to 9/11 and the international financial banking crisis we've experienced most recently in 2008, and 9 what we see is that if we were to experience a recession like the combination or combine of those two the average over a 3 year peddler almost a billion dollars in revenue all the revenue growth this is showing you the top line which is in the light gray showing you our revenue projects projection that is assumed in the financial plan and the dark gray is showing you in a recession what we think
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will happen with the revenue so as you can see the revenue increases we're assuming a recession happening you know in 2017 and this almost immediately we lose all the growth tb the first two years and have negative growth we lose by the third year out we still are no where close to recovery where we otherwise would have been if this were to happen the bottom trying to show you the impacts in terms of the deficit from the last year to $420 million to over $820 million in one year i think the other thing that's important to reminding remember a couple of things happen;
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right? if a recession were to happen what we experience in the last several recreations our most volatile revenues dry up to transportation dries up ♪ the lasso 809 transportation our taxes came in half of projected they were budgeted about one hundred and 20 or $30 million in that year today their budgeted at $230 million so our reliance on the volatile services is greater today than the last downturn we had an update with through the fax process and number of of him advisors came and talked to
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us hair bullish think it will keep going i have anxiety about it mostly because with no warning it's a stop so that happens but the other thing that happens is that the people who rely on the city services need over and over those services more than ever in a down turn so to sustain our health and safety net is greater than a time we're in right now 3.8 percent growth to dealing with that is really important so we in the plan also identify some changes is to the fiscal strategies that will have to take place if we did, in fact
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experience a recession resources are important over the 3 years $250 million to help mitigate the impact of a recession on the city's budgetary shortfalls but at the same time revenue becomes a smaller part of balancing plan that is hard to assume additional revenue growth in an economic downturn fiscal strategies we've talked about assumes slower growth we believe in a recession we'll need to be able to afford no-growth or reduce levels of services in particular we would expect to rely heavily on one time spending reductions like the it equipment those sorts of things
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you know i think this is important to not be overly caution here but i think this is important 80 he think about the good and bad times we're not in a bad time but i want to highlight some of the potential risks given that the economy is performing so strongly so it's the highlight year financial plan i can take questions on the 5 year now >> thank you, ms. howard. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you katie wanted to say i don't have a question i'm glad this time you've included the recession and you would be doing planning for the potential downturn that can happen anytime so i look forward to the updated
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nukes in the coming three weeks i want to thank you for that. >> thank you supervisor tang colleagues, any other questions at this time. >> okay. >> i'll continue on budget instructions. >> so as i mentioned at the beginning of my presentation the mayor is having the budget instructions at the beginning of september the gaps is $16 million and $88 million over the next two years about a hundred million dollars over the next 2 year period those are - so $5.9 million it the lowest deficit in 15 years that's as far back as i could find records that's what it is and signal to me and all of us
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where we are economically as a result we requested contingencies cuts that were not taken in 2015-2016 we asked the departments for no reductions we asked them to absorb revenue they might experience but all of their base costs increases will be covered the pole increases you know work order increases those sorts of things and this is also the first time in 15 years there's been no requested reductions from the departments in the first year second year we requested the departments proposed on reductions or revenues equal to one percent that's $18 million
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citywide and we'll be looking at closely at the proposals to - and the mayor will are review them to see if their appropriate to include in the budget this mayor, i haven't worked for a mayor yet that will take an cross the board up to the time cut but look at options and be able to make discussions about those choices from the policy point of view the mayor is continuing to focus on his shared prosperity that is included as part of his budget instruction to ask the departments his proposals focus on affordability and shared prosperity but address fiscal sustainability for the city and government efficiency but address government efficiency and customer service and helps to address the
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population growth we're experiencing other instructions are similar to what you've seen before in terms of focusing on the departments for the direct impacts to the public we continued to ask the departments to review tare fees to look at things that are not appraisement appropriate to charge and engage with the stakeholders and work there the processes with the public so we kind of are starting our review in the mayor's office of department proposals the blue box is where we are in the budget so we issued the budget instructions in november the governor put out the proposal and the department sent their budget on february 23rd
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this month we are updating the 5 year financial plan which is the joint report and we're beginning our conversations with various budget stakeholder and starting our budget process in my you'll all hear the controllers 9 month update our financial look at where we are that gives us a sense of how much additional unspent money might be available whether revenue growth and expenditures savings to help balance that and on june 1st, the mayor will give a balanced budget to the board we're early in the process but the departments have a lot of work so for you'll be hearing from them from this committee
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and they'll welcome the opportunity to 0 meet you with individually to sharing their ideas i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, ms. howard colleagues, any questions for ms. howard. >> supervisor tang. >> going back to slide 16 in terms of our potential fiscal strategies the $250 million in terms of the reserves is that just the assumption of what in terms of our charter we're supposed to be setting aside or additional amazes to put aside. >> there are a couple of pieces that flow in terms of a down turn we can draw on our rainy day fund and our budget stabilization reserve and the ability to reset our general fund revenue to a lower baseline
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that are and so those 3 things forgot a generate $450 million over the recession if you're interested in the table on the 5 year plan i can point this out to you. >> colleagues, any further questions for ms. howard thanks very much for being here at this time kansas city public improvement advisory committee is there any member of the public who wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues this is the one substance i have today thank you, ms. howard for being here we'll spend this time of march getting oriented to our new members as we move into the budget season we'll be spending april and may for the
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counterpart hearing and we will be looking at the other departments and so i know the mayor with ms. howard will be going to the supervisorial district to talk to people as we look at the budget thanks everyone for getting together and this is the first hearing we'll continue with the hearings with that can i have a motion to file item number one. >> so moved. >> supervisor katie tang has made a motion we'll take that without objection. madam clerk can i tall call item 2. >> budget updates from the mayor and the budget analysts including the balanced shaurlz. >> this an item we should have
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called one and two together so we can slotted in any items that are relevant to our budget over the next few months we have no substantive items kansas city public improvement advisory committee seeing none, public comment is closed what we have this objection. >> okay madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> in mr. chair. >> thank you madam clerk we're adjourned .
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>> good evening ladies and
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gentlemen, the san francisco board of education provides free service - is now called to order roll call please. ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton marry ms. wynns dr. murase smooth and mr. chinning. >> thank you
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please join me in the pledges and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> can i have a motion and second possible the board minutes of february 24th, 2015. >> so moved second. >> any corrections? roll call vote >> thank you ms. sonata mr. chinning ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> thank you before i call the next item i'd like to remind the members of the public if they wish to address the board of education an individual can complete a
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speaker card prior to the item being called and pretty bad to the clerk according to the speaker cards will not be submitted for the item on the agenda. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney and good evening to everyone listening or watching on tv just a few comments they're more extended commissioners by i do want to thank all our parents and students and staff for an absolutely wonderful school planning summit that took place at the elementary schools we have over 5 hundred individuals that were present in the school community groups looking their balanced scorecards and looking at the of him as it relates to the priorities of the school and the school district and thank
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you our mistress of sermons that did a fabulous job and thank you deputy superintendent mr. lee he delivered good news and lupe and all the commissioners that were present there we had quite a showing thank you to everyone for showing up and participating this not only counted for the work we're doing for our school sites and the strategy planning but part of our el cap work in understanding the broader budget thank you to you all and the staff i'd like to start this evening by recognizing one of our own janet has worked for 29 years and currently our community specialist elementary schools advisor was honored by the
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national education association no new orleans as the support professional for the year in the nation i want to congratulate her for representing the school district so well she was not only the esp but gets a title and check i'm not she gets a crown but while try to make that happen we're exceptionally proud of the good work for the students i also wanted to share today i had the distinct pleasure or attending the young women's health and leadership summit over 3 hundred scuffed high school young women from 17 high schools the theme was breaking free i'm me there's nothing for
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incurring walking into a place of encountered focused and supportive young women they were absolutely amazing this day was created by the young women in san francisco for the young women i wanted to thank the 12 young women on the steering for the national women's health and dona from our health program insuring this was an incurring day that was prepower i invite all to attend next year i want to alert the community we have good news to this date to this day sfusd has not a a case of
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measles so we're offering free m m r vaccination clinics and the nurses for this head anothers malcolm x they're hosting the clinics and for providing the vaccine the first section was from 6 to 1010 the next march 12 at malcolm x academy 350 harbor road and from now tuesday and thursdays on the health program office 1515 street in the sunset district by appointment you can call 44524265 for an appointment parents listed their students brick the current vaccination
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records thank you, everyone to make that available to our school community and i want to take a moment with the permission of the chair to share a few thoughts around a topic that's been in our community i'd like to start by speaking a little bit to the implementation of the common core in san francisco unified school district and in particular the implementation of the common core maps as a district we spent a lot of time engaging our teachers and engaging our school communities and the teachers around unpacking the common core standards we're distinct in the state of california and this approach has been a bottom-up approach matt haney those in the classroom have informed our development of our core curriculum and the implement